About Us

United Believing Power Online Store is a subsidiary of Voiceopin Spiritual Journey.  Voiceopin Spiritual Journey is a nonprofit 501C3. United Believing Power Online Store caters to Children, Youth, Adults, Pride and Pets Providing Fashion, Books, Pride, Home, Pets, Office/School Supplies, Luggage/Bags and much more…

We have custom designed a unique collection of products to help our customers build their lives on the following principles:

 1.      Believing is the key to being successful in whatever you are doing.

2.     Believing in each other fosters peace, joy, unity, love, friendship, and relationship building that strengthens yourself, groups of people, our nation, and other nations.

3.     Believing in yourself is the foundation for you being able to build your self-esteem and also believe in others.

We design, illustrate, or write messages about these beliefs through our products in the following departments: Values Enrichment Book Department; Novelty Gift Department; Pride Department; Clothing Department, Social Issues and Special Occasion Department; Pet Department; and Presidents' Corner Department. Specifics on each department identified below Featured Collection: JUST SAY YES TO ABORTIONS COLLECTION.